Giving Back

Community Developments

We come from humble beginnings, we have been through all situations a person can experience. We believe in changing the world even if it means one person at a time. We change lives and give hope to those who have been through the most.

Mshazi S Security have donated more that R70 000 to different organizations, schools, individuals, churches and more.

Campaigns Engaged

Towards the end of 2021 we were approached  by one of our service providers (ThobisizweTheBrandingCo) about a farewell event which bid farewell to Grade 7 Learners who were leaving the following year for high school. We raised an amount of R6k in stationery that helped equipped these learners and better prepare them for the new experience of high school. 

The educators were very pleased as well as the community. Our hearts were touched and thanked the opportunity to be able to lend a hand where we could.

We were also approached by ThobisizweTheBrandingCo. which spearheaded a campaign of delivering refreshments to the learners of eWubwini Primary school, which held a science event teaching learners about the world around us.  

We have been involved in numerous platforms of assisting our communities. We offer food parcels during the December holidays to help those families who can not afford decent food for the Festive Season.

We also sponsor different types of organisations like soccer teams, skill development to individuals as well as assisting individuals get their drivers licenses and many many more.   

Thank you for being
part of our story!